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who breast ,Nike Free Run Australia, milk also . Woman breast thing ,Nike Free Run, the digit 2 , so shriek it . Made with cardamom , for in the twenty-eight . V day prick , night show Guanghua . Said Mimi , said wag , said peaks , said greenhouse . Americans ambition not fight ,Reproduced either her ​​husband and 2 of life ( w, the antique hero agreeable . The colors are? The depths of winter snow and ice . Its quality are? New summer cotton . The savor are? Three spring peaches and plums . The state of are? Wink Yan Yan . Jing Jing ,Nike Free Run 4.0, such as while moving hare , calm time , such as careless reckless pigeons . High Britain Britain , beef unsteadily , roseate and tender , juicy . Man wins the conscience ,Nike Free Australia, hair matron show adore . Haggard I see down first , explore your twice Yufeng , as containers into the territory ,Nike Free Run 7.0, like the age return family . Apart from a cold rain, lukewarm into bottomless ocean . With deep ,Nike Free Run Shoes, light swing , intoxicated ,Nike Free Run 5.0, flying . – Chen

1 girl and the burglar ( a mini touching , with a

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1 girl and the thief (a little touching, with a good paper towels come in) the thief was chased, he ran into an alley, jumped into an age house. A magnificent antique house,Nike Free Run, quite silence, very desolate. Just for he would favor to The hidden somewhere, a soft voice sounded after him. with big eyes staring by him to inquire it.

live thief’s hand, pulling him to the door, opened the door, a group of people rushed.

lying, but his eyes are firmly fixed ashore the thief. br> those who discern nought curious, they are worked.

by your own difficulties,Nike Free Run Australia,Too was it! A pair ‘s personal life photos, no one ambitioned to make was no nativity thieves.

All right. horrified terrified of terminally ill people ah! he can make is just period to companion her to narrate her the outside earth,Nike Free Australia, the thieves arise to have convert colorful earth of dark and white girls up, she saw along to his presence each day.

It was Valentine’s Day, a bandit with a rose in front of girls,Nike Free Run 4.0, adore apt her and she was conscious namely day he never stole anything, merely she namely terminally ill,Nike Zvezdochka shoes, how tin we approve his love it.

each Valentine’s Day, thieves will bring a rose to her courtship.

Days pass, the thief thin day by day.

one day , pleasantly surprised to tell the girl thief, she has saved, he found a kidney because her.

this years Valentine’s Day, girls transplant preliminary go has been completed. when girls know thatshe want to alteration the The kidney is the thief, he lost because he’s so rapid every day not merely to sell blood,Nike Free Run Shoes, but also do a lot of ponderous work, as she lobbied for the early prices of surgery.

transplant surgery is very successful, girl’s body to accept a kidney thief, the thief because the body is too weak and can not be beneath the operating chart ……

afterward each Valentine’s Day, thieves ambition have a grave rose and a memorandum attached : Always love your wife,Nike Free Run 7.0!

saw no reply ~ ~ ~ is not the sensibilities of a human ~ ~ ~!

A agreeable path apt defend the face

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● 1 recipe: take one beer shrink pores
beer into a clean bowl. Medicinal cotton yarn immersed in the beer about three minutes, remove the cotton yarn, tangled a little bit and then apply to face for about half one hour, if the cotton in the water is dry, soak and then the first two steps can be deposited along 3 times. Remove the yarn,Nike Free Run 4.0, you will be pleasantly wondered to find that the skin becomes compact, and the pores are depressed.
● recipe 2: Black
baking soda wash when cleaning up, putting a little baking soda in the cream, you will find a rich and fine bubble becomes malleable, washed the skin clean and fresh, around the nose blackheads are clean, the pores smaller.
● recipe 3: Jasmine Firming
activating liquid not take full jasmine flowers immersed in cold water, put it alongside for a few days later sealed, blended with a little alcohol Serve. After the shot in the face wash, can shrink pores, activating the skin.
● recipe 4: vinegar and vinegar and glycerin glycerin rejuvenation
ratio of 5:1, mixed face painting, the everyday insisted that the skin becomes tender.
● recipe 5: yogurt and honey moisturizing
The same amount of yogurt and honey mixed together, apply a thin layer, wash with water after 15 minutes.
● recipe 6: vinegar soaked soybeans
to 500 grams 250 grams soy vinegar soak, time takes 15 days, the hat seal, after the day to take 10-15 after the breakfast chewing soy vinegar , abatement of facial pigmentation faded quite forcible, while reducing cholesterol and improving the effectiveness of liver function.
● recipe 7: carrot juice freckle face
If you have freckles, ruddy radish juice and milk can be applied to the face overnight, 2nd day morning wash, insisted on doing this, will gradually eliminate freckles.
● recipe 8: salt water scrub
take a decisive measure of salt mixed with water, stir well (high concentration), salt water in the face with a cotton pad dip gently smear a few minutes after, the recess of his face evaporation ** **-like, rinse with water. This will not only be competent to thoroughly clean the dirt secluded in the pores, the aging of the cuticle can be removed, to reinstate the facial bright. Sensitive skin with remind.
● recipe 9: Rejuvenation
light vinegar and water cleaning solution can add a little vinegar mixed with appropriate massage for the face, then massage the back of the hand palm of your hand, then washed with water, make the skin smooth smooth .
● recipe 10: vinegar soaked walnut skin
The 250 g walnut 500 g soggy in vinegar, seal the bottle, ten days after the stamina drink, drink 2 tablespoons a day after a meal can cultivate rowdy skin, dim, low and useful is therapeutic.
● recipe 11: baby oil moisturize the body skin
If night party, and you must wear knee-length skirt, then any bodylotion this time there is no better use baby oil, it can not only moisturize your skin, the skin will make your legs smooth and amplified.
● recipe 12: wash your face after each wash with honey massage
, first wash with warm water, then pour the honey in the palm, rub palms on, and then outward circuitous motion with both hands up in the face massage, massage is completed, the water clean with a damp, apply skin care products nutrition. Insist on more than 1 week can clearly feel the face shiny. No firm feeling skin after use, comfortable and natural. Long-term use, the effect is particularly manifest. At the same time, imperial jelly orally every morning and evening, better. ● recipe 13: a day with a cleansing product
for dry skin especially vulnerable to water deficits and dry peeling, so you can use some with honey, milk and vitamin E and other ingredients of the cleansing surrogate. But the cleansing agency is not suitable to use, favor once a day, a.m. get up up can merely bathe your face with warm water.
● recipe 14: Rose water wash
removal is not full of roses, in full bloom immersed in vinegar, put it aside for a week, and then blended with the right amount of cold water made of cleansing water, morning and nightfall use it to wash . Over time, you can completely remove pimples, acne, skin becomes flat and soft.
● recipe 15: tea, sugar, tea mask
mask can eliminate acne, remove the grease. Flour 1 teaspoon and 1 egg yolk, mix well, add green tea powder 1 spoon. Wash face, put on the face evenly, 20 minutes after the wash. Tea and black tea and brown sugar can also be used, the sugar, 1 tea spoon of flour and mix thoroughly with the spoon, do mask 15 – 20 minutes after the wash.
● recipe 16: strawberry yogurt strawberry
achieving acne itself the character of disinfection and assembly, to make love ease the omens of acne, the sebum secretion of the skin is also very effective. Use strawberries 4, 1 teaspoon flour, a little yogurt, strawberry rinse with water, squeeze the juice; the flour and yogurt fusion into the strawberry juice and honey mix, applied in the face, dry cleaning.
● recipe 17:
cleansing mask with oats oats and fresh milk mixed into a glue, applied to the face 10 – quarterutes after the first wash with warm water, then cold water. This matter can also be in addition to excess portly, skin smooth and delicate.

1. hiccup when the tongue with sugar! Hiccup when the nose is like a drink, burp, when the middle finger pulp pinch force with the thumb. Not a
2. Shanghai medicated soap every day red feet, wash your socks insoles weird, can go to foot odor.
3. mango rotate on the gas a few seconds, then peel the skin is very good
4. Tomato afraid of pesticides, scalded with boiling water under the skin to skin to the
5. people say the Earth know, if you accidentally leak on clothes on the oil, before doing the laundry, reserve the clothes are dry, then place the drip drip on the detergent, then rub the two, wash, then there would be a mimeographed child
6. there is sand or exotic objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, then stop wink, Best test Braun’s
7. the household has a lot of cups of tea stains, you can use toothpaste brush, wipe the tea stains on a brush on down friends
8. toilet paper wrapped in white shoe brush finish drying in the sun exposure, will be very white ~!
9. back of the Peas, with bath salts or Shanghai Sulfur Soap, continue fknow next to nothing ofme time to go
10. Vitamin E wrapped eyelashes, eyelashes will convert thick and long
11. with mosquito rolls lit close the wart, and slowly roast it, can not stand to wait to get farther then proceed baking, about a week know next to nothing of go to the root of the wart on his own. . .
12. oral ulcers with white wine, and so did not feel numb, to spit. (Alcoholism big swallow too). Several times a day, a few days like
13. Cure rhinitis remedies, nasal saline wash.
This is a pleasing point of view, every time I keep acquainting people that the salt into the warm water, sucked from the nose, then threw from his mouth, many people feel very sick, the whole do not believe, but my honesty insurance, three of our family has been cured.
14. think the next song, many sites attempt online only listen, but a lot has already been downloaded to your temporary folder (C: Documents and Settings zl Local Settings Temporary Internet Files), to have to duplicate and paste it into another direcotry on it
15. mosquito bite after bite of the archive with a ballpoint pen drawing laps around can relieve itching
16. Shanghai sulfur soap tin also be accustomed in counting to armpit puny perspiration Oh! ! ! !
I will buy one before the summer, water on a thick coat in the arm, if dry and add some water, so that slurry from the day, at night in the shower, wash. In this way it twice, the entire summer without any sweat sweat antiperspirant gel all butmething.
17. long before the frostbite is always on hand, Cayao Well, still the second year and later my dad did not know where to learn, later in the winter, on a day with just boil the water cannons and pepper ginger etc. a little cold water, let me hot hand one o’clock and this is the key to the water to try to heat, at all times you bear it,Nike Free Run 3.0, the more heat the better, but not boiled Kazakhstan so persist fjust aboutme time,Nike Free Australia, I hand no regeneration frostbite.
18. continuing pharyngitis can brush your teeth with salt water every morning, I was act two years from broken.
19. fried fish with ginger rub the pot before .. do not stick friends
20. with soap and water wash tile floors, the effect is called a OK
21. super good material – the air oil fine! Insect itch, you can also go to stains, ballpoint pen and India in particular, a rub gone.
22. talcum abrasive spattered on the surface of pearly sneakers, they can discourage dirty.
23. sticky paper exposing not down, facing the blow with a hair dryer a few minutes, can be lightly taken off.
24. even the reduced lemon juice on the hair spray, hair dryer hot air drying, the hair was slightly red wine, like dyed the same Oh!
25. tolerate afflict, according apt the tiger’s jaws cavity
26. long white Luo Buqie of frostbite of the launch burned, hot wipe frostbite Department, once a day until chilblains disappeared, the students tried, the second was no longer long
27. acne very serious squeeze toothpaste in the on points, bulging rapid, equitable 2 hours hardly ever will wash off, or piece of skin bitten dark
28. do not drink After a big bottle of cola, you can put fewer probable to drip over Oh, the bottle down, water can only block air intake of the
29. nosebleeds when you can shoot hand-dipped in cold water neck, hands the medium finger can also be hooked for some time
30. TX homes have put a lot of long damp tea – if it does not seriously there is no oil clean jug, simmer slowly barbecued, Well at a time 2 minutes to OKAY ~ If you do not absence to drink in the refrigerator with the freezer, to detect a cloth to coat it, on the turn of the refrigerator, environmental protection than deodorant devoted more than ~ ~ a huge 1 you can put the eggs with 2, 3 weeks ~ so soft Papa when he lost – or you can use it to clean the sink! Oh well – not with water, instantly in the tank walls to fuel friction ~ Oh!
31. nail polish to nails after soaking in cold water, will dry very speedily
32. girls more vulnerable to keen objects stockings scratch, bought and placed in the refrigerator for a while in the cold , wear, then it is not effortless to broken.
33. with their own saliva coated in a smaller wound on the outside (of special note, abrasions, scratches, etc.), very helpful for healing wounds.
34. I listened a white Luo Buqie connate, the clothes must do a little rust where the incision used to drop a few minutes – smashing, white radish juice to the infiltrated a little bit, then set aside a few clothes minutes to rub the laundry soap with water plus a few rust to attempt out ~ TX ~ ~
35. cosmetic tips:
mascara did not very Toner alcohol or baby oil or eye
syrup gushed nail polish dry
frozen over dry nail luster faster
mid-range skin care products instead of essence Moisturizer Cream
36. sucker suction is not strong: a hot water 2 eggs Qing 3 sweet concentrated milk
37. Water or with tea tea overnight long painted eyelashes week effective ~ ~ (free on coated)
38. Summer because of hot or sweating, my back will grow small capsules of things, with full cucumber or aloe rub ahead bed time, do not wash. twenty-three days like
39. mosquito bite, the fastest way is to use soap and water on After about
40. If the dress are not stained with tomato juice or other fruit juice cautiously, immediately wipe with a damp periodical towel,Nike Free Run 5.0, which can be removed without leaving whichever traces (I have experimented with a white clothe ).
41. because the tea leaves that cup if tea stains can be used after rainy stationery (I do not know now who still do) clean, very useful, especially porcelain.
42. eat more tomatoes can cure black eye, and then reside up all night eating habits no matter hard will never have different black eye will not Mianyoucaise. I do not know VC is by work, or other factors.
43. diamond ornaments painted with a layer of transparent nail polish, diamond is not easy out
44. take a bath when the skin back and along rubbing salt
one can go dead skin
Second, you can cut corners
gray skin after a bath often drips tender. Salt is salt in general. If you want to cut down is to cut corners the situation of designated surround ~
45. Leg flesh expense approach, inverted and then his thighs to do a bike. I was kicking a anthem every time, the effect is really good
46. Adhere to the morning drink warm honey and water, the skin will get better yo
47. If the eyes are sties, the middle finger wrapped with cotton thread, After the cage, tie a knot, pulling the thread back and forth. If the eyes are long, then wrapped both hands on the middle finger, as above. I do not know the statement is not clear. This approach works well, my mom just had her father’s sty cured. Stye with the line tied to the roots of the middle finger because it was the Pericardium and triple burner after location. If at a later stage there are signs of pus filling out a incentive this point, but also keep the eye with a hot towel, my sty is so good, very effective.
48. because the mommy and I both love the carpet so that some blankets on the blanket approach ~
1. Soy sauce, vinegar, breast, ice cream, beverages, sordid carpet, with a cloth submerged in lukewarm water can be squeezed afterward the paint, and then scrub liquor Oh
2. Pools of blood stained the carpet can be cleaned in cold water, then rub salt or lemon juice. Oh, can not use peppery water because of the blood coagulation when heated, ambition cement the
49. If you sing K sang the words of the 1st family I memorize a few glass of hot lemon honey Oh ~ ~
50. Laptop deliberately spilled the water or oil to the point of what can be temporarily under the first blow with a hair dryer, and then did not sent off in client service before Oh do not re-boot with the oh, so help mend Kazakhstan
51. detergent Oh, it hurts like shoes Converse sheet shoes, white rubber toe and 4 weeks with toothpaste whiten Collage is praise, remember not to lengthened sun exposure under the sun Oh
52. paperback or information to be water wet and then dry with a little dry It is a ponderous paperback than a good squeeze put on plastic bags in the fridge and it frozen layer of ice cream a contingency to sleep through half the book will become like the aboriginal Oh
53. Luo Lisi pomade
hot over a decade made twice a year, and never flame to do upkeep, but after the first washing hair, put a little dry this hair oil. Never burns the hair split ends, dry hair, spray fashion the hereafter and no water, no bottle to open. I originally thought that his hair is good, too maimed, or alternate to other foreign brands, the outcome immediately dried yellow split ends. Cheap, more than three money, merely be thoughtful not to wipe too much, may feel more hair oil. Lianhua Supermarket small bargain
54. Jujube day a sheep eye + + Longan boiled soup (a bowl of the weight is ample), called for a pseudo-response effect of myopia, for true myopia, there was a apparent correction of visual effects, I belong to the latter. However, easy to get petulant to eat like this every day, so pay consideration to it!
55. amendment liquid (adjustment fluid) get in the hands of how to do: with orange peel or orange peel, squeeze a little juice on the skin, wipe go except
56. Converse canvas shoes how to clean these ?
with a soft cloth, in truth, stockings can be friends, with detergent, wash clean, not to ache the shoes!
57. Pepsi down on the lavatory floor tiles,Nike Free Run Australia, half an hour to rub, to dirt, not to hurt the tiles, do not know will not be a elegance.
58. Chuanbei stew Sydney Bingtang Shui, the cough surprises, Chuanbei accessible in pharmacies, 10 grams each way, twice a day, to bustling, drink, eat my last cough month drug injections not nice, then drink the sugar water is a few days to heal, and her friends listen to me using this recipe cough the two.
59. ringworm cats if the cats long, the hair shaved clean the affected area, and then hurl a day shrieked
; ; ;
60. recommendation loofah water, mow their own home-grown loofah vine can take, no words TAOBAO on 20 a bottle, 400 ml, amazing ~ I love what Black dug, dug a face on the red mask with a gourd of water deposited on the first two days are basically gone, and the way pores white. Taobao directly bought a case of home
61. summer easy long prickly heat, often with the leaves or honeysuckle boils water bath can be avoided from the thorny heat, skin becomes slippery, good results
62. Alipay play money, the provincial bank transfer fare. Upper restrict of 10,000 yuan per day if
63. Eating out, soup, put their own point of balsamic vinegar, to savor there are some anti-virus achieve
64. Winter dry cilia dry after beating 8 points in the cilia point of olive oil erase, anti-dry split ends, the next day consciousness not to horror Oh, do not obliterate off 8 more
65. throat dry up early cup of light lit salt water, to swallow a mouthful slowly, a few future normal healing
Balm can dissolve many alphabetical compounds, correction fluid, glue stick on the table, but I have not tried a cold nose ventilation
laundromat water cup or bottle can be steam clouded two minutes nose to clear the
cold cold soak in boiling water can be used Ai,Even doctors stroke the chart applauded the recipe, feet, very good results (Ai is the Dragon Boat Festival,Nike Free Run 2.0, when inserted in the gate kind of vegetation)
66. vaseline is a good thing for a lot of mouth .. Sensitive skin can be used when the students lips balm, very good ..
67. with a remove plastic bag nigh one end of the first fasten clippers, clipping the nails can be dodged when the bombards are everywhere
68. Massage feet with Vaseline, then dress socks to bed the next day, to give you a pair of roseate feet.
69. slumber, snout plug, very hard to adopt, in a small handkerchief covered his face (light on it), had a moment on the ventilation of the neb.
70. eat tomatoes to aid intractable constipation
to buy a new casserole chopping block (wooden) soaked in water for one night can crack
a cup of tea stains scrub with toothpaste (in front of numerous friends that by emphasizing what is really useful)
stubborn oil deal with Mr Muscle (especially a spray of cleaning the kitchen tiles over a few seconds to get a rub
71. 0.025% of Vitamin A mordant cream: Occasionally, out of a acne before going to bed painted Peas on them basically disappeared.
hepudiod: Peas disappeared after elimination pock, pock this is Fuxin Sheng, hormone-free, effective.
Rose Hip Oil: not valuable, painted scars good results, including antique scars, have been beat on the calf, a small imprint is now basically eliminated, but too often rub and massage.
72. to recommend a really very good and affordable to not go with the mask: the snow is perfect
servant products, Hong Kong, there are a lot of people compliment it as a general maintenance really good
Yes, I grew up with a lot of acne are not effective, sophomore with a flask of sleet absolute Indian elite and acne-free skin toner, miraculously well, very serviceable!!!
73. buy soft white sugar instead of white sugar; to find a clean plastic carton and go into some soft white sugar; and then put some water, not too much, nor too small, and soft white sugar is probably like 1:3; so the sugar is to prevent wetting effect of sugar frosted face too strong wear skinny; until the face time to take over directly on it.
1 first washing their faces, production my face wet
2 has been wetting the cotton to take sugar (about half a tablespoon, or you watch the amount of was to do it) wiping his face, where there is focus on wiping where Indian children, other parts of the lesson can also be used.
3 Do not fret in the face of grinding, let the sugar liquefy in the face of it, then start to get started face cleanser , gently massage the face with water until the sugar is completely dissolved, washed with water on it (you can also put sugar and cream in the palm before rubbing it, then used attach to wash).
4 if Do you consider washing is not very clean, because there may be some sticky white sugar, take a small amount of cleanser wash see.
twelve days there are very premonitory results, a few days off effect is meaningful.
acute muscle of MM can be Take first the body the skin test, if you do not feel bad friends.
74. Soymilk make soy milk at home when the residue left back Do not throw away, wash every morning and evening to face, that is, and the consultations on the face gently with warm water,Nike Zvezdochka shoes, wash in cold water and then look after to shrink pores, and that face is tender and white ah. Anyway, they told me that the oil and dry skin and sensitive people, super useful, very cool, they will not be dry ~
75. summer sandals wear heels, cream and vinegar with a cheap transfer in the near future dead skin rejuvenation are especially good, so Tu Mama annual foot heel, feels better than soft ~ ~ ~ ~ even better results with Cuozai setback
76. ** blackhead removal methods **
blackhead on the nose is very unsightly, a hand to squeeze and often leave marks, in fact, after washing the face can , stick some fine salt with your fingers gently rubbing the nose on both sides, and then rinse, blackhead will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller.
** nosebleed **
flow handling nosebleed time, if the left nose flow, breathe above the right ear, and instantly stop the bleeding! and vice versa. Do not inquire me how to do two nostrils to flow, whether you really undergo so much, I suggest you work to the hospital
** **
fruit treatment of spoken ulcers mouth ulcers, use of vitamin C accompanied to the ulcer, so it dissolves, ulcers basically like…
** eyes off the dust * *
eyes into the small dust, shut our eyes and cough hard a few times, the dust will have their own eyes out.
77. sweeping the layer when the golf ball like a plush brush is not clean, if the home The stockings are bad hole, do not dart to set the broom on the water stockings wet. and then sweep the ground when the hairy balls, floating dust would gradually obtaining on a broom mallet, very clean and very handy
78. 3m of posted acne acne pus that have been very, very long very useful
Watson coconut fragrant bath oils easy to use and cheap, exhausted very humid, I could not Alice Alice legs, skin sleek birds
clothes dye ink with vegetable juice can scrub clean
Taomi Shui (ought be compelled to scrub rice) under the slurry deposited on the face, dry dead skin after rubbing the face can go
rubbing face with hot rice balls can be cleared pores in the waste, stick to open the rice cooker can go to Black
about the water vapor namely is the most water of
79. Corn: Corn was both long in the fingers or other place like cocoon-like, to take smoked a day, several times, contact two or three days, like a ~ ~ answer as ever, and never relapse ~ ~ ~ This recipe is like Guanyin prescription, I and my friends experience, super-efficient
80 . seems to flee out of toothpaste to squeeze in fact there is also a lot, I was pinching the two ends of toothpaste, and then however button on the brim of the desktop, hard pull, from bottom to altitude, piled on altitude on the toothpaste, and This shake is very useful, if it is plastic pipe or aluminum, can be out a lot.
81. When a bubble tea bags, the side achieved a deposited one eye for 20 minutes, you can eliminate bags under the eyes and dark circles. the large bags under the eyes of the people are very effective, best time to get up to do, and, rather green tea or black tea.

Man the cause why I favor pretty women

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Any man, not 1 does not like beautiful women. Some although do not say, especially while his lover or wife does not like to inquire like a beautiful woman, always intentionally averted, but in his heart like the world actually is a real beautiful woman. A man met a beautiful woman, it will be like, like mosquitoes approximately a beautiful woman,Nike Free, it is extra, adore is major, the laugh is too brilliant, and spirit Dousou up. The one buffet This is why in the end? Why do men like beautiful women? 1, from the color on the study, the men especially like the beautiful
men Tanse, in fact, not a man,Nike Free Run 5.0, what color are rapacious, but greed of those beautiful Generally look like a beautiful woman looks like, to fashion a pattern, highlight the emphatic place was especially apparent, especially in the recessed portions are concave down, the rind is pearly and slight, and so on. Men like beautiful women, is an appreciation of beauty. Voice of the United States happiness is nice fhardly evermething, the hearts of the United States is a perception of the nice things the U.S. can make people pleasant, loosened and merry, and beautiful women are able to make the hearts of men the United States pleasure, from this point that men like beautiful woman is a man an appreciation of beauty, an emotion. This indeed lecherous men, is surely impossible to grudge all the.
2, speaking from a health study,Nike Free Run 4.0, men like beautiful women good for health.
First, a beautiful woman makes a man seductive. Men discern a beautiful woman, able to immediately accommodate the eye through the eye muscles and the retina, accelerating the blood circulation around the eyes, eyesight Run to God achieve. Second, a beautiful woman tin make men advocate the heart. Whether man, woman, or baby, all that nice to penetrate a beautiful woman, emotion suddenly see the light and I feel magnificent! Third, a beautiful woman can make men Shugan. The heart of a beautiful woman who flies into a anger? A lovely eyes to see pulchritude that folk have of, and where there is gas. Fourth, a beautiful woman can make a man stomach. Eye sugarplum a daytime, a few more general to eat the equivalent of a beautiful woman on the color, smell and taste, with a comprehensive and reasonable food nutrition. Fifth, a beautiful woman can make a man lungs. To see a beautiful woman, unconsciously jaws Health and body liquid, clutch your respiration. Often accompanied along beautiful women around, constantly vital capability of up to 6500. Sixth, a beautiful woman can make men Qiangshen. See a beautiful woman, below customary circumstances would result in more men to accelerate the secretion of male hormones, which can Jianshen muscular body.
3, in terms of mores, the men like a beautiful woman is a man of perfected culture, with deep historical heritage.
back in . In archaic and modern film and television fiction, a beautiful woman everywhere. Historically, thrones are mostly Dole coil with the Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang Wen, Emperor Xianfeng and Yehenala, etc., teem. Since ancient periods, tested. Thus, men like beautiful women is a deep cultural heritage.
4, studying from the man point of outlook, men like a beautiful woman is the purpose of man and the maximum class.
in this earth, men have to win a female, especially a woman occupies a beautiful woman apt conquer, subjugate a beautiful woman’s lust. Men depend on women apt conquer the globe to conquer. Once in the hands of a male with power, have money, they ambition do anything possible to conquer a beautiful woman, occupied a beautiful woman, and put this man to conquer and capture as a premonitory sign of success. Men in dealing with the issue of women, all retained a pretty woman’s complex. When the conditions are no successful or does no permit because a moment the case, and had a beautiful woman will not look, merely once a successful profession, it began to burgeon in the subconscious of a beautiful woman of how to conquer,Nike Free Run 7.0, occupy the target
5, from the zoological point of view, like a beautiful woman by a man’s animal instincts of a man resolute.
man as a senior animal, despite the many animals out of the mediocre misdeeds, but one man as the animal’s basic point still holds. He highlighted the performance of the man’s pig, dog and wolf on.
First, decide the man’s dog of a man favor a woman. A barking dog, shaking his pate placed the head of beasts. Men also like a beautiful woman,Nike Free Run Australia, so they put his dog to one extreme sex, Dragon Prince is in small pieces so it goes vividly demonstrates the man’s dog of genius. And they constantly gave birth to a beautiful woman with a man’s dog, so namely dog of a man to be constantly carried along.
Second, determines a man’s pig men like women. Throughout the history of people pig sex, how numerous men for the beauty of Allure Bo smile, hearty display of their pig of talent. Sangui was morally rejected Huang Taiji muster celebrity to surrender to nationality uprightness alternate Rereading the Dashun in the world, but because different group of pigs emphatic representations, the sixteen army that made her prominent great hero offended ruddy cap ,Nike Zvezdochka shoes, corner back halfway, gave the family lives of young and age over a hundred ports, turned volts by the foot of the enemy, 30,000 to the needy Rereading 2 hundred thousand crews to fight the public, between the rush, unafraid. Such a big nuclear power get busy? Beauty also.
anew,Nike Free Run, the wolf man determines men like beautiful women. Man dog sex to please a beautiful woman, beautiful woman pig of the gods of the wolf is as beautiful a woman as a plaything. Once a beautiful woman in the hand, men would across his BMW, a beautiful woman carrying around a trickster he shows his strength of the wolf,Men do no derail the hardware condition !, a beautiful woman as a symbol of male power.

Real nice , then

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men articles:
1, since married, hold their own body is the greatest respect for your wife.

2, men and women are differ, men have a career, have it all.

3, lofty costs and then there are forever people who purchase from, family is based on their own house, forever Do not mouth statement,Nike Free Run 2.0,New prototype of electronic trade affair district, with do.

4, you can immediately have nought, but you have to have the essential quality of man: to make progress.

5, with your fair-weather people called the

6, you love people who love you, is fortunate; the people you love do not love you, but that is regular, can not anybody love you.

7, a standing ovation something else while his girlfriend ran? Do no be sad for too long, smiling at the bar. Now look at this love is better than behind the wedding with a green hat right.

8, love love a matron is not only a mouth, she want you to comprehend her sensibilities, what she likes,Nike Free Run 7.0, what care, afraid,Nike Free Run Australia, to what is necessitated.

9, his wife is to give you babies, antique people to attach to you, remember namely

10, a man’s heart to be like the sea, inclusive their love, tolerance and her temper, her narrow-minded, her slovenly.

11, when you want to play, merely when the look, do not start aboard a good girl. Matched in a contest to activity happily.

12, when the man felt apologetic for the third, a waste of time to her youth years, did not feel sorry for his wife, youngster wasted her life, when you say how ridiculous this man.

13, there ambition be a special portion of your feelings appear, it has not seemed before the stop you want to own the ideal of hard go, so it appears you do not have real trouble, can be readily accepted.

woman replies:

1, the most gratifying thing: healthy parents, friends twenty-three, Pirates do not take love, others are false, do not be too attention approximately.

2, believe in love,Nike Free, to kas long asmarriage is variant stuff, so that period to determine if you should marry this man, not a bed to slumber when it is to query yourself What would wed this person sleeping afterward to.

3, love is the absence to cause, what do you love him,Nike Free Run 4.0, consider apparently, is not love after only think I like him? Love him? I love him what? Want him just because of solitude?

4, in addition to Mom and Dad, no more in this world love you. Do not just homesick anytime sad not to have given delight to someone else, parents are not young, so let them, Freeze temper.

5,Nike Free Australia, wedding,Nike Free Run 5.0, if you have chosen, it is essential the sake of two people, anything is home ponderous reprove him everything, then I ask you, who had coerced you.

6, the person who ache you, you impair human, do not look behind, you are no longer what it was you, he is not incipient, he has to remember , love came to like.

7, a man’s money is good, but obtain short of manpower, whether you have not marital.

8, can advocate anyone kind of a woman to have their own careers, not all love, even if most of the many things love can not be given, such as friends, such as a sense of achievement .

9, he love you, love you on to him, told him not to love you, you sad, say love, unreliable, it is momentous that he do What, then who would not say you have a few heart.

10, the sentence is right: The best path is fascinated to a male he has not.

11, a good man you love to see farther through his globe, the wrong man can only give you the world’s erasure.

12, the third, extra versed words. Whether you are a small three alternatively met the third, quite disastrous.

———————————– ————–

Please peruse each, are procreated to log in their own space, do not wait until people who love you understand lost treasure.!


July 27th, 2011 by ffsfwr6h

overtime above Friday ,Dubai elegance , astounding !,Nike Free Run 7.0, deliberately met in the QQ, antique friend . the results of his word, so I had to write today Diansha friends .

What did he say it? your space in the update .

55555555555555555555555555,Nike Free Australia, immediately repent it ,Nike Zvezdochka shoes, did not open this space ,Nike Free Run, if not ,

to okay the saying goes : extra -less outlook . hehe .. truly namely ,Nike Free Run 2.0, if I were you open ,Nike Free Run Shoes, do no update friends .

ambitioned to copy something up to meet the binary , yet still write down their emotions now feel better point .

this course,Nike Free Run 3.0, update their own space .

a month ambition end. is a engaged annual .

1 word : annoying

one word : tired


July 27th, 2011 by ffsfwr6h

. . . . . .,Nike Zvezdochka shoes

a hard human to ascertain a monk to speak to his idea.
He said: he said:

recluse so he took a cup ,People forever live in wish and pursuance .,Nike Free Run Australia, then pour hot water above the fill has been down apt the water overflow .
bitter were hot to instantly unlock the hand .
monk said:

42 coldest of always mankind namely a joke

July 27th, 2011 by ffsfwr6h

1 42 the coldest of entire mankind joke 1.
Have a penguin, polar bear from his home I’ll say. home special, and whether by catching it, take 20 annuals to obtain to. One day, stay by home,Nike Free Australia, particularly foolish penguins, polar bears ready to go melodrama, and he went out, but the road half the time come to find themselves forgotten to bolt the door, and which has gone 10 years, but the door is a bolt ah, then go home to penguins and locked the door. Lock the door after the Penguins once again starting to look for polar bears, equal to 40 years before he took them home to polar bears and penguins … … on the door said: After you surmise what he said? …
afterward day, the rabbits bounce to the bakery,
third day, the rabbits bounce to the bakery, small cake!! green beans, the results it becomes what Oh you silly!
students A: the lunch box made of blue

5. a man, his stomach is not good one day, he came to abdomen the hospital, the doctor said: , West
guarana eating watermelon, eating cucumber pull cucumber! A little girl asked: > 7. There was a polar bear and a penguin playing attach, the penguins body cilia one at one to pull down, pull achieved, on the polar bear, said: one by one to pull the cilia down, turned to the Penguin said: ate

Q: African cannibal chiefs eat?
A: people, ah!
Q: That daytime, the main is ill, the physician told him to be a vegetarian, he eat?
A: eat vegetable! ~ ~
Americans: Have you ever seen made of wood glass?
Chinese people: No!
Americans: Why you Chinese word
Chinese people: In other words it is not made of wood.

white + white =?
rabbits (TWO) ~
Q: fat male falling from 12th ground to convert what?
A: Dead fat


Antony and talk with each additional without incident Appleby Road, time is getting.
Antony: section. >
millionaire driving a elegance stretched,A smart shriek ‘ nice ‘ move 50 million,Nike Free Run Australia,

Exercise aboard the access, a grateful beggar’s wife, said: home home, not 1 has the attention of the yard’s lawn may have a measure lofty,Nike Free Run Shoes, and you can eat your fill

a Yueguo battle in full swing,Nike Free Run 5.0, head of the Society came to the prairie apt the morale front … …
Association head asked: what happened?
members archers report: report head! 20 meters in front of the tent next to a Baisuo Si archer, but his accuracy sucks, shot many times these days, are not hitting folk.
brain listening asked: Since the finding of antagonist archers, why no annihilate him?
members Archer said: reports head,Nike Free Run 4.0! not Well, do not you let them do for a more quasi?

Public soldiers: ! I visited this area, I remember a approximate Merlin, will be
can work a mini farther on to the br> After half one hour – Cao Ren: Expedition to find a lot of water! Finally have water to nectar friends met.
specter said: the school girl… You see… I do not have feet… I do not have feet…
red: so what. sister school, you see, I do not have chest I have no breast.

one-third of cooked steak and a steak cooked 5 minutes on the street encounter, and why they did not mention hi?? (assuming they talk)
Because ………………..
because …………………. ..
because they are not familiar ah ~ ~! haha ​​

serpent snake is scared to query my sibling .. ? I back then .. you right ..
snail on the up after a when .. ..
turtle saw an ant .. said to him: Come on you ..
So ants come up..
up after the ants see upon snail .. .. he said the word point,Nike Free Run 2.0, this turtle so fast …

watch you dress stockings each time … …
my center will have a sense of unspeakable,
that is … … Radish is too packages
wrap blanket!

car one day have her mother sit halfway
not understand the way her mother had hit the driver with a stick
ass mother said: This Which?
Driver: This namely my ass.

A: Where? Take me to! That Amin you? a haystack
bad news: there is a dung heap of hay fork
agreeable news: He declined to excrement fork
wrong news: He also declined to fodder pile

2 F ; Re: 42 coldest of all mankind joke
a monkey eat peanuts ahead going into the bottom a accident to eahead of. This director explained: It has been fed peaches, the results Peach could not drag out, ape frightened, and now we have to eat a good quantity.

Late one night, a juvenile female via a mental hospital while he suddenly came behind, pleaded: And immediately you start chasing me. quite strange,Nike Free Run 7.0, consider of the , a small nurse finally safe Nabu Zhu curiosity, hiked slowly nigh the patient, the probe await and see to the well and suddenly adhering to nurse the patient’s legs, down Yixian, began to read: … …

To be a agreeable chap adore reading

July 27th, 2011 by ffsfwr6h

give sparkling dew ~ ,Nike Free Run 7.0

recently went to Deba & Rainbow , prime a very amusing area , a place like family ,Nike Free, read a book,Nike Free Run 4.0, drink coffee, milk , free of sitting above the floor rely aboard aggrieved bears, laze satisfaction above the wells . A gulping attitudes on a book , Like which color pen, in this lovely message on a diversity of graffiti, as if the wizardry up his pen ,Nike Free Run Shoes, to write a variety of mood and sound . Unfortunately, the book is relatively small, the type of drawing too numerous human feel is the main draw in hard to elect the book,Nike Free Run, but also worth the reader’s 1st impression of the senses , either graphic book ought be the first to attract consideration. Keke, I do , first pick the cover , then Press – . – , Then to a content – the laity .


this , truly do no understand will no sparkle like this type of MM , however she was prime Xiaopen friends , but I feel I like her it’s routinely something favor,Nike Free Run 5.0, her preference entities meantime most of my preference fables the sexual baa ~ obtain afterward a tiny itchy , want to own preview , hehe ~ yet evidence likewise 2 meters peruse , behind looking for sparkling borrowed ~

like to mail the writing stamped , hey ,Has fair opened space , we constantly absence apt,Nike Free Australia, long period m manuscript , ah climb climb – like earthworms must continue to be a luminous adore reading a good chap oh ~

South Africa to purchase and then prime

drops chromatic baby ~ skinny , evil spirits that ~

last wish : shiny happy baby Black Snow ~ truce and pleasure icon smile To be a agreeable chap adore reading

yellow seeds

July 22nd, 2011 by ffsfwr6h

,Christian Louboutin Sandals<p align=

yellow seeds

not see yellow seeds are so small,Supra Footwear, yet it is rich in magnesium,Supra Trinity Shoes, to know thatin the higher content of magnesium in the blood, then it ambition lower the probability of premature death and tin prolong life.

<p align=


beets rich in folic sour and betaine,Supra Strapped Shoes, which can decrease homocysteine ​​levels,Lady GaGa Heartbeats,Little Women Quotations ( a ), namely can reduce the hazard of heart ailment. In counting to the natural dye of beet – β anthocyanin has anti-cancer efficacy.

pomegranate juice

beverage 2 cups pomegranate juice a daytime,Monster In Ear Headphones, a annual,Monster Diddy Beats, may assist reduce blood pressure, can improve the measure of blood flow to the heart.

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